Our mission is to empower families to secure their children's future by helping them to save for education. We aim to improve overall wellbeing by promoting financial literacy, discipline and responsibility in young generations to create a better world.

" Education is the single biggest expense in anyone's life! "

We are launching EduKitti mobile app soon. Please join our list for the app that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

  • Start saving for your child's education Today

    For Parents

    • Start saving by setting up an EduKitti account for your child's future education expenses. After all, education is not really an expense, but it is the greatest investment you can make in your life.

    For Schools

    • Create a profile of your institution on EduKitti to provide information about your institution and admission details to proactively recruit future students for your upcoming academic year.

    For well-wishers

    • Are you thinking of the best gift for your loved one? What could be a better gift than contributing to child's future? Gift an EduKitti account or contribute to your loved one's account. They'll it love too!

    What is EduKitti and How it works?

    Technology can make the best app, but the purpose is more important, and
    we love our purpose of enabling families to save money for their children's education.


    Online calculator - To estimate future education costs

    Plan ahead and get an estimate of future education costs like tuition fees & related expenses to help you financially prepare to meet your child's educational needs.


    Systematic savings engine – Ability to save periodically

    Secure your child's future with our systematic and vernacular savings engine setup exclusively for education - save regularly and achieve your financial goals for education with ease.


    Investments – Grow your savings by auto investing for higher returns

    Unlock the potential of your savings with our investment options such as FD, Gold, MF etc - maximize your returns and achieve your financial goals gradually and systematically.

    Network Effect

    Contribution engine – Tool to manage birthdays & gifting events

    Never miss a gifting occasion again with our contribution engine - effortlessly manage birthdays and special events with ease and convert gifting into savings.


    Parent Portal - For relevant academic information

    Find up-to-date academic information - access relevant information at the right time about schools, colleges, fees, and loan options to make the right decisions with the right data.

    Value Add

    Partner engagement tool – To create and manage products

    Efficiently manage your products and service offerings with our partner engagement tool - a marketplace to collaborate and create innovative solutions with ease.


    Customer life cycle management dashboard

    Gain insights and manage your funds and information effectively with our intelligent dashboard - streamline your planning with intuitive experience.


    The biggest benefit will be the happiness and success of your child.

    Peace of mind

    Knowing that your discipline is working miracles with digital power, you surely want to invest, secure and save for your child's future. Did you find a suitable option to do so? We are not talking about fixed deposits, real estate, stock market, or gold; those are haphazard approaches. EduKitti is first of its kind, solely focused on saving for education and access to the right academic information.

    Network Effect

    Billions of dollars are spent on gifting every year. 50% of the gifts are not liked by children. How about transforming that billions worth of gifts into securing child's future for education? Would you feel bad if your cousin gifts 1000 rupees worth of cash towards your child's education fund? Would your niece feel bad if you gifted her an EduKitti account loaded with some money? It's a network effect creating win-win-win for everyone.

    Fun & Joy

    Saving has been a boring subject, but it has serious impacts on families. This is a definite need but there is no holistic and exact solution. Let's make saving for education not only easy but also absolute fun for you and for children. Digital tools on EduKitti not only provide useful information, but gamifies financial descipline for our young souls to enjoy their learning journey.

    EduKitti - Founders

    Anand Mohan

    Chief Executive Officer

    Srinadh Kotturu

    Chief Operating Officer

    Our vision for each stakeholder of EduKitti in a nutshell


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